We are a small team of four people on a mission to spread positivity.


My other blog is It’s the Little Things.

I’m a crazy science lover. I also love reading, writing, drawing and music. I started this collab blog because I wanted to spread positivity and this blog is where I’ll do so.


My other blog is ChocoRicko Writes, which is currently private. I’m not sure when I will launch it.

I like reading and I’m currently reading Harry Potter. I love cricket. I like chocolates too. I’ve joined my sister in her mission to spread happiness!


My other blog is maggie’s doodles

I enjoy photography, reading books, creating digital art, and listening to music. I joined this blog because I love inspiring and helping other people!


My other blog is Maya’s Life and Travels.

I am a lifestyle and fashion blogger. I like traveling, fashion and writing. My favourite place in the world is the UAE. I joined the Jolly Space because it is a really fun blog and it brings positivity!

Want to join us on our mission?