We have some new friends! – Reintroduction post

Hi, everyone! I hope you are doing well! I have some exciting news today! The Jolly Space has new members! Isn’t that great? New members means new creative posts and more fun!😍

Okay, let me introduce our new friends to you guys:

Sateja– She blogs over at MeWrites. She likes blogging, bullet journaling and reading. She’s an amazing blogger. And oh, she’s just so sweet!

Anjali – She blogs over at Anjali Writes and Reads. She’s super talented! She likes to read and write and she’s a booktuber! Like, wow, how awesome is that! She’s also passionate about sharing positivity!

Guys, please give a round of applause to our new friends! Sateja and Anjali, we are truly very happy to have you guys here.😃💕

Let me also introduce you to other members of our team!

Maggie– She blogs at Maggie’s Doodles. She’s an amazing blogger who likes inspiring and helping other people!

Maya– She blogs over at Maya’s Life and Travels. She’s a lifestyle and fashion blogger and she likes sharing positivity!

And then there’s me who created this blog to spread some positivity!🌻

Yay, so this was our team! You can visit our team page to know more about us. Can we have another round of all of us?🎉

Guys, stay because The Jolly Space is coming back with some awesome posts!✨

Till we talk again,

Psst, don’t forget to participate in memez first on Sunday next week!

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