Life Positivity Tips for this Spring

Hello everyone! Welcome back to The Jolly Space! We’re returning to posting here after quite a long break, and I’m really excited about our return πŸ˜πŸ’› I hope you enjoy our content!

This is Maggie by the way! I blog over at Maggie’s Doodles and I really love sharing inspiration, positivity, and happiness.

Today I’m sharing life inspiration for spring! 🌼 Hopefully, it’s warming up where you live. If not, keep these tips in mind, whatever the weather might be πŸ˜‚

Also how cute is that featured image!

Life Positivity Tips for this Spring

Find ways to make your life lighter //

I’m doing this a lot right now! By updating organization, simplifying my habits, and setting goals I can reach, my overall purpose is to enjoy each day without a lot of baggage.

There are of course things that come up, and some situations can’t be downsized. But it’s awesome how many ways there are to simplify the things you can control ❀

Here are some changes I’ve made in my life recently that have really helped me feel lighter!

  • I started carrying less in my backpack
  • I changed my organization to out-of-sight instead of on display
  • I donated some things I didn’t want anymore
  • I listen to music that uplifts me
  • I save post ideas for later that I’m not interested in writing yet
  • I’m pursuing harmony and connection in my relationships
  • I’m creating organization routines to stay ahead of clutter

Re-evaluate your yearly and monthly goals //

Touching base with your resolutions, goals, and plans is a great habit to have! It helps you to stay on top of feeling accomplished and reaching goals you need and want to have. You will avoid disconnection from your lifestyle by checking in with what you’re getting done each day, week, and month.

Enjoy time outside //

If you’re not already in the habit of doing this, it’s amazing how much time we’ll accidentally spend indoors! I have been intentionally hanging out after work at our outdoor seating area. It’s been beautiful to enjoy the breeze (or wind on some days hehe), sunshine, and wonderful weather. Don’t forget your sunscreen, though!

Try new things //

With everything blossoming in nature, baby animals being born, and the weather being beautiful, it’s awesome when your life feels that way too! By changing things up and introducing new things into your life, it’ll help you settle into the new season and potentially leave different burdens and situations behind.

I’m settling into my job now, which I’m appreciating! I spent most of February focusing on reaching this point. So now that the first month is complete, I can focus on other things since work is pretty predictable.

I love making seasonal blog content, writing about spring, and incorporating pinks and greens into my designs!

As March comes to a close and April arrives, I wish you all a beautiful spring! I hope you’re enjoying your month and reaching awesome goals 😊

What are some of your positivity tips? What content would you like to see next on The Jolly Space?

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