Restoring Faith in Humanity – week 2✨

Hey, Jellies! Welcome to the Jolly Space! I am Roshni and I’m back with another post.☺️

I am doing a series here which is Restoring Faith in Humanity. It is all about the good people have done.

This is my experience with a really nice person; you can also share your experiences on this Google form or through our contact page and I would love to share them here.

Now, here’s my story!

A few years ago, when I was staying at my uncle’s house for a week, I met a really nice person. Every day had to get back home on my own and after reaching the bus stop, I had to cross the road. Everyday, my aunt used to be there to help me with that since I did not know how to do that. But this particular day, she was not there. While I was having trouble crossing the road, this girl, a few years older than me, helped me to do that (she was also in on same bus as me but I didn’t know). She also walked me back home. I’m really thankful that she helped me and yes, thanks to my uncle and aunt for letting me stay at their house.

So, that was something I experienced!☺️ I’m sure you would have experienced something similar before. So, let me know in the comments!!

thanks for reading ✨

14 thoughts on “Restoring Faith in Humanity – week 2✨

  1. This was a few years ago when I was much younger but we were staying at a hotel in dubai and we went for lunch but one of my flip flops 🩴 broke and one of the hotel staff at the beachside restaurant went out of his way and fixed it for me.

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