Wednesday Weekly Affirmations #1

Hey everyone, welcome or welcome back to The Jolly Space! I’m Maya, a beauty, fashion, lifestyle and travel blogger from the blog Maya’s life and Travels and I will be posting on The Jolly Space every Wednesday (if I can)! I have been doing a weekly affirmation series so I decided that I should bring it over to The Jolly Space! So, from now on, I would be posting 3 positive weekly affirmations every Wednesday part of The Jolly Space’s new series “Wednesday Weekly Affirmations”! Before I get started with this post I just wanted to say that there is now a new series on The Jolly Space called “Restoring Faith in Humanity” and for the series we want all you readers to send in pictures or stories about things good people have done through our contact page or through this Google form and we would be sharing them here on the blog. Alright, let’s get started!

How can we use positive affirmations?

Here are 3 positive Wednesday Weekly Affirmations for this week:

Do you use affirmations or have you used affirmations before? If you have let me know your faves in the comments!

If you haven’t tried them yet do you relate to any of these and why?

Maya x

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