Restoring Faith in Humanity

Hey, Jellies, it’s Roshni! I hope you all are well! Guess who made this lovely featured image? Yes, Evin did! Her designs are so lovely!! Go, check out her designing business here and trust me, her designs are what you were looking for! This sounds like an advertisement but, really, you should check that out.

I”m so happy to tell you that i will be doing another series on this blog! It is about – Restoring Faith in Humanity. So, for this series, you can send stories and pictures about the good people have done through our contact page or through this Google form, and I will be sharing them here! Isn’t it fun?

I would like to thank maggie@ maggie’s doodles for giving this idea. If you don’t know, she also contributes to this blog. You should definitely check out her posts! Thank you so much, maggie!

This series will continue as long as you all keep sending in something. Looking forward to your participation!

Now, guys, here’s a beautiful experience which Maggie and her family had!!

One time at Walmart, my little brother Samuel was excited when he found some Minecraft Lego sets on a display! He asked our mom if he could buy one, and she said yes. While he was picking one out, a woman was passing us nearby and gave Samuel enough money to pay for his Lego set. It was really kind of her and made Samuel so happy!

Aww, Maggie, that was so sweet!😍✨ Thanks for sharing this with us!💛

We will be sharing our schedule soon and I think both Maggie and Maya will be posting from next week. So, stay tuned for that!😊

Thanks for reading.💫

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